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13 September 2010 @ 10:13 pm
Hellcats! (or it's about time you did something else with your life, Welling!)  
So, I finally got around to watching the pilot of "Hellcats". (Now, if I can get my sister to stop calling it "Wildcats", that would be nice).

My review of "Hellcats" is as follows - "Hey, it's like watching Bring It On in several 42 minute sessions." And I'm good with that. That's right, I'll say it - I liked "Bring It On". "Hellcats" is a teen drama with really hot guys and bitter rivals and stupid angst and cheerleading stunts.

What's not to love?

I mean, I'm not rushing out to make icons and wallpapers or join a comm or anything, but it was fun.

Things of note - Tom Welling is listed only as the Executive Producer. Not producing or directing at all on this. Which, to me, means he let them give him buckets of money, in exchange for putting his name on it and sucking us Incestuous CW Orgy Cult Lovers into watching it.

Which is silly, cuz they had me at "cheerleaders". (For the record, I was never a cheerleader in my life and I hated the ones who attended my brief high school stint with a fiery passion. But as a person who enjoys watching a good dance competition, I've found the area of competitive cheerleading to be a hell of lot more interesting than what we had going on in my 250 person high school, 15 years ago.)

Also, cast members - Sharpay from High School Musical! She's awesome and no longer a blonde and I love it. Welcome to The Orgy, sweetheart.
hiyacynth's Space Husband - Chief from BSG.
Hey, it's That Guy from The OC who worked at The Newport Group.
And That Chick from Boston Public (but not the one who went on to "Heroes" and "Glee", the other one).

And returning to the Incestuous CW Orgy Cult (by which I mean, they are never allowed to leave, ever) Hot Principal from Buffy's season 7 and Psycho-Pretend-Brother from One Tree Hill's season 4! <--I spent the entire episode trying to figure out who that guy was and why I was afraid he was going to serial kill someone.

In Sum: Fun!

PS: Jonathan from Buffy/Doyle from Gilmore Girls has recently been on "Mad Men". I was most excited to see him.

PS2: Watching the Angel episode with the submarine, my sister pauses it to declare - "You know what would be a good movie? Zombies on a submarine."

To which I replied - "That's what they should call it too. Zombies On A Submarine! With the exclamation point."

That is all.
Charlene: The Incredibles - I Wincamera_lucida on September 14th, 2010 06:16 am (UTC)
Hey, I liked the original Bring It On. It's a good movie. Really. And then I didn't watch the sequels. *shrugs*

Hellcats was totally not on my radar. And had I known that Tom Welling had anything to do with it, it might have been banned from my radar. (Sorry, I'm no Tom Welling fan even if he is part of the CW's Incestuous Vortex.) Still, might check this out eventually. My problem is that there's too much to download and too little time to watch it all. *whines*

What I could do with a DVR . . .

And three cheers for the CW's Incestuous Vortex! Hip, hip, hooray!!! *g*
dodger_sister: cheerios-nito_punkdodger_sister on September 15th, 2010 03:36 am (UTC)
Bring It On was fun, right? Plus, Eliza Dushku - I would so tap that. The sequels were not good movies (the one with Hayden P from Heroes was the most offensive movie ever) but the cheerleading sequences were fantastic.

I don't actually care about Tom Welling one way or the other. I don't watch Smallville (except obviously for James Marsters and Jensen Ackles' episodes - and that brief stint when I was in the hospital, doped out of my head on morphine and later when I recounted what had happened on the episode and how I thought I must have been having a drug-induced hallucination, The BFF reassured me that it wasn't the drugs, that's just Smallville WTF <--as she calls it). I mostly like to make jokes about how white Welling's teeth are and how shiny Smallville is and how gay Lex and Clark are for each other and what color is the Kryponite going to be this week. And, you know, will Tom still be doing that show when he's 40. Because it amuses me. I don't know why. <--because I used to mock Christian Kane and when I do it now, everyone calls me on my bullshit because they know I love him. Shit.

DVR is not as good as Tivo - I MISS MY TIVO! Eion Bailey was all hot on Covert Affairs the other day and I needed to burn it and keep it forever and you can't do that with a DVR. You can with a Tivo though <--was totally going to record all the JDM roles I could get my hands on for you for a bonus Christmas gift and then the Tivo died and TIVO WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME?!

I think I'm really tired. Hmmm.

Oh, The CW only hired Misha Collins because they needed someone to run their Incestuous CW Orgies (every Thursday night, at Misha's place, The CW buys the beer - Jensen and Chad bring the pot - though no one knows why Chad is still coming to Thursday Night Orgy Club, cuz he doesn't work there anymore!)

Wow. Did I just CW word vomit on you? It's been a long and stressful day.
Charlene: Gold Maskcamera_lucida on November 8th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
I am just digging up all sorts of shit tonight, including this comment on the incestuous CW vortex and Tom Welling's role in it. (Tom Freaking Welling!)

Bring It On was fun, right? Plus, Eliza Dushku - I would so tap that.

Bring It On was fun, and it was also clever in its own way. Still don't know what to make of Eliza Dusku though. I wanna try watching Dollhouse, although I hear the beginning is VERY SLOW going. A friend recently gave me all the episodes, so when I find the time . . . oh, there goes that familiar refrain.

because I used to mock Christian Kane and when I do it now, everyone calls me on my bullshit because they know I love him. Shit.

Do not compare Tom Welling to Christian Kane. That is just WRONG on so many levels! Ever since irrlicht74 got me to watch Leverage, I totally get the Christian Kane love. I liked him as Lindsey too during his Angel days, but he shines even more in Leverage. I mean, I'm not obsessed and it's nowhere near the kind of love I have for, say, Jensen, but I get it. Christian Kane definitely has something going on. Tom Welling does not, unless you're talking about his shiny teeth (and that's not meant to be a compliment).

I'm sorry to hear about your TIVO. I can't sympathize because I've never had TIVO, but it's always sounded fairly awesome to me. (A non-TIVO environment really make me feel so Third World.)

was totally going to record all the JDM roles I could get my hands on for you for a bonus Christmas gift

Oh my god! This sounds like it would've been a totally amazing bonus gift! Screw the bonus! This would've been a totally amazing Christmas gift period. But since you're way ahead of me in the Christmas gift category anyway, I'm so not complaining. *g*

It's very late over here as well. CW word vomits are okay with me, just as long as we're not talking about Tom Welling. Ya hear?
dodger_sister: cheerios-nito_punkdodger_sister on November 12th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC)
This is so weird. I just started watching Dollhouse last week. We are doing it through Netflix, so we've only gotten through the first disc so far...but I like it. It's not Angel, and it's certainly no Firefly, but I like it. Surprisingly what I like the least about it is Eliza. Her character is one of the "dolls" and I find it hard to relate to her when she is a different person every week. But the guy who plays her handler is amazing and the tech kid is funny. The premise seems weird to me, but the secret organization aspect always intrigues me. I'm also watching the new Nikita series and given a choice between one government conspiracy or the other, I would choose Dollhouse.

I don't know if that's a plug or not. I can see the faults within the show that got it canceled. But I can see the aspects that made it popular with the people who like it - hot agents, hotter handlers, conspiracy coming undone, secrets revealed, Helo is a hot ass FBI agent, etc...

Okay, for the record, I am in no way comparing Tom Welling and Christian Kane. Just that I use to holler things at my TV whenever I saw Christian, like, "Lindsey is a pussy!" or "Cut your fucking hair!" and now people in my house may say things like, "Shut up, you know you want to contract an STD from him." <--which I totally do.

So instead, Tommy is taking the brunt of my need to mock someone on a regular basis (though I still have Chad Michael Murray to mock, and even though they all know I love him and want to have his illegitimate baby, it doesn't mean I can't mock him the whole time I'm doing it.) So now it's all, "Bleach your teeth today, Tommy?" and "Smallville: The Golden Years, Tommy?" It's not Tommy's fault. I would have moved onto mocking Ian Somerhalder as soon as he joined the CW, if it weren't for the fact that Ian is so damn sexy that I want him to kill me with his teeth. Tommy is my person-of-choice to mock by default.

I grew to like Lindsey on Angel - (by the time the evil hand came along) - and then I didn't like him so much when he came back, but since he never wore a shirt that last season, I got over it. I just felt like he had gone off to get away from Wolfram and Hart and all their evil shit...and then he comes back still with a grudge against Angel and being all evil. I thought you were off to Texas to tend bar and play guitar on open mic night and meet a nice young man named Dean? What happened Lindsey? You couldn't leave well enough alone?

I have never watched a full episode of Leverage.

Dude, what did Tom Welling ever do to you? Calm down. ;)
ranua: pastel g.a.ranua on September 14th, 2010 10:48 am (UTC)
oh Tom
I was under the impression that executive producer was the one who fronted a good chunk of money. It's funny, I just realized smallville was on it's 9 (or is it 10) season and was wondering if Welling was ever going to do anything else. Although I suppose getting type cast as superman is not to shabby.
dodger_sister: cheerios-nito_punkdodger_sister on September 15th, 2010 03:43 am (UTC)
Re: oh Tom
Yeah, I don't know what an executive producer does. I just thought Tom might be doing something that indicated he wasn't going to be on Smallville until he died. I mean, he's like 33, which isn't that old, except he's been doing this since 2001, and he was 30 playing a high school student and eventually it will be called "Geriatric-Ville", right? Mostly, I just need someone to mock, since I can't mock Christian Kane anymore without being called on my bullshit. ;)

Still, Hellcats was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to this week's episode.
ranuaranua on September 16th, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
Re: oh Tom
Hey now, 33 is not old! ;) (I'm 35) Yeah, I always find it funny how t.v. people expect us to believe someone with visible crow's feet is a high schooler.
dodger_sister: cheerios-nito_punkdodger_sister on September 16th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
Re: oh Tom
I'm 32, therefore, I can call - you are all OLD! lol - He's not old. He's just been doing this for a very long time - when this season wraps, it'll have been a decade of his life. It must make him tired to think about - you know, as he rolls around in his bathtub full of money.

Do you remember the original Beverly Hills 90210? There will never be anything as ridiculous as watching Luke Perry and Gabrielle whatshername try to pass as high school students in their senior year on that show. At least they had them move onto college after that. I can't believe I'm going to say this - but One Tree Hill actually did something right (besides all the many, many times they made Chad be naked!) in graduating them from high school and then skipping ahead to their post-college years. The time jump made the actors end up playing characters who were almost as old as the actors themselves. It was smart.

Also, Tom Welling's teeth are very white. Which has nothing to do with anything, I just like to point it out.
ranuaranua on September 16th, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
Re: oh Tom
Yes, okay, you can call me old :) I would think it'd make him tired too. Jeez ten years playing the whiney teen angst version of superman (I haven't watched since season 2?ish) I'm sure the bath tubs full of money are consoling. And yes, his teeth are vaguely creepy in their whiteness.

Oh gods yes, the original 90210! It made my dad crazy that I watched that show. And damn yes Luke Perry was hotness it's self in the day but how they expected us to believe him in high school just goes to shows the tv people were smoking the good weed.

Never saw One Tree Hill, but I can get behind any show that does that keeps it's actors and characters ages close like that. Discovering Chad through fanfic has actually made me vaguely interested in the show, but I tell myself no, I already have too much on tv.
dodger_sister: cheerios-nito_punkdodger_sister on September 20th, 2010 01:07 am (UTC)
Re: oh Tom
I was like 11 when I watched the original 90210. I had to ask my older sister a lot of inappropriate questions about things I didn't understand, lol. I too had the obligatory crush on "Dylan" (Luke), but I was always a "David" (B.A.G.) fan. That makes sense, because he was like 15 and I was 11, plus even back then I totally had a thing for geeks. :)

I tried the new 90210 and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the original. I think they missed how much the two parents really grounded the original version - I mean, I wanted those parents to be my parents, you know. That felt lacking in the new one, like the parents just didn't quite have that feeling for me. Maybe I'm just too old for that kind of show now.

Except that I totally watch One Tree Hill. It was in re-run on Soapnet when I would get home every day from my physical therapy, so I would watch the last fifteen minutes of The OC and then like the first fifteen minutes of One Tree Hill while I ate my lunch. And then before I knew it, I was watching the whole episodes of One Tree Hill. And then the cable company took Soapnet away and I was bemoaning it and my sister went out and bought me first season of OTH on dvd.

I enjoyed the re-runs of fourth season I had been watching, but mostly so I could mock Chad Michael Murray (which is how I show I love him) but when I started at the beginning - it was really good. They crammed a ton of storylines into the first season, it was really fast paced and even the characters that I disliked in the later seasons, were so much more developed and empathetic in first season. I can totally see how people got hooked on that show when it first aired.

Also, the number of times Chad is shirtless or outright naked in first season is fantastic! And then I did the commentary with the "kids" and I think it may be the best commentary I have ever heard by actors. They are ridiculous and Chad is exactly the way he is written in fic.

If you are contemplating watching OTH, I say go for it. It doesn't take a lot of brain power or concentration. It's just fun. Maybe over the winter hiatus - you can absolutely get through it in like two weeks.
ranuaranua on September 20th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Re: oh Tom
I have heard it's pretty good at the begging. Maybe if I see the dvds for cheap. I like to have several recomends before commiting money to a show.

Also, in my tv market All State runs ads that say "We protect you from mayhem" makes me laugh every time.