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Escape From The Overworld.

So I am feeling better than last week. My back pain is down to a 5 from the 8 to 10 it was the last time I posted. My PT said my muscles were really banded back there. The biggest issue now is how bad I want more pain pills. For a few nights there I got to experience what it felt like to be pain free again and it was glorious and I want to be able to feel that again, but I can tell how easy it would be to fall down that rabbit hole. Boo that.

Anyways, I thought I'd review one of the books ceitfianna left here for me and The Nephew. This one is called Escape From The Overworld: An Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure. It is based on the video game Minecraft, which I know very little about, but I know enough about video gaming to get this book. In it a character from Minecraft gets sucked through a computer into our world and makes a new friend, an eleven year old girl who is routinely bullied at school. She takes him around to see her world without realizing she has left her computer on and it is letting monsters from Minecraft into our world. Then she has to rise up with the Minecraft kid to save our world and close the portal and even gets a chance to best her bullies. It was fun and cute and read a lot like those Fic-For-Kids I write for The Nephew, some fanfic for kids who play Minecraft. Hell, if I could get the thumbs up from Marvel, I could start publishing those Avengers fic I have written for The Nephew, damn!

Unfortunately, it seems The Nephew has already read this one. He dropped by unexpected and I had it sitting out and he said, "Hey, what's that book for?" And I said, "Never you mind!" Then he said he'd already read it and I said 'no way,' that it had just been released and he probably had one of the other ones. I asked his dad though and he was like, "Oh yeah, we have that one. We bought it the day it came out. That's what happens when you are a gamer kid with a gamer dad." I'm still putting it in the bag of books for his birthday though and he can pass it on to a friend or to his school library.

It was a super cute, fun book and anyone who has a kid into gaming should really buy it! Hell, adults who are into gaming would enjoy it too.
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