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She Gets What She Wants.

So, my sister has been home sick for two days now, poor boo. She has a severe sinus infection and a UTI. Anyways, if she gets over it soon enough, The Nephew and The Niece will be spending the night on Saturday. It will be the first time The Niece - (now 2) - has ever spent the night. She was supposed to come by herself, because apparently the kids can get rowdy and fight. My brother was telling The Nephew the other night that his sister would be spending the night here as a trial run - (she will be staying for a week in August, while The Nephew is at camp and her parents are at Mackinaw Island for their 10th anniversary) - and explaining to TN that he wouldn’t be coming, so he didn’t throw a fit about it. The Niece is listening and says to her dad, “Unh?” and he goes, “That’s right. You get to spend the night at Aunts’ house, by yourself like a big girl.” She kicks her feet and yells, “NO,” then points at her brother. Her dad says, “No, not Brother, you. You get to spend the night at Aunts’ house.” She yells, “NO,” again and keeps pointing at her brother. Her dad goes, “Do you want Brother to stay with you, is that the problem?” and she slams her fist down on the table and yells, “YES!” So it looks like they are both coming.

The last time they were here, I gave her a birthday present - adorable stroller/tricycle - and she got pushed around the house in it and loved it. They had to leave it here because there wasn’t room in their car right then. For the last few days, it seems she has been bringing her brother’s bike helmet to her dad and asking him to put it on her. He has no idea what is going and finally asks her why she thinks she needs a helmet. She tells him, “Bike.” He says, “Your bike at Aunts’ house?” and she says, “Yes!” He asks her, “Are you going to ride your bike when you spend the night at Aunts’ house?” and she gives him a big smile and goes, “Yes!” So I guess she’ll be riding her bike while she is here.

Seriously, you guys, how did I get such fricking adorable Nieces and Nephews?
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