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My sister is feeling better and we were able to have the kids this weekend. It went really well. The little one freaked out a bit at bedtime, but we took her around and showed her where everyone was going to sleep and then she felt better. The Nephew was loads of help with her too. We took them to the mall - sadly, the Bouncy Place has closed down - and let them ride some quarter rides and play at the little arcade. He held her hand and chased after her when she would start to run off and helped her play on the ‘slide’ - it’s really a ceramic/metal hippo thing that kids play on, been there since I was little. It was exhausting as all get out, but a really nice weekend. Also managed to make it to Grandma‘s. She is nearly 90 years old and about to have heart surgery on Thursday and though the doctors approved her for it, I can’t help but worry. She says it’ll either go well and she’ll get a few more years with her great-grandkids or it won’t and then she’ll just go be with Grandpa. Which I find rather sweet and hopeful, I suppose.

I’ve also had a few dreams lately that I thought I’d share.

One was about anti-vaxxers, which while I can get worked up about in the moment, isn’t really a thing I spend a lot of time thinking about. I dreamed that I was a kid again, like 12 or so, and I had this best friend who lived next door, a boy about my age, and we did everything together. It was sweet. I was at his house and his mom casually mentions that she had never gotten her kids vaccinated because she doesn’t believe in vaccinations and she thinks they will make her kids sick. And I was like, “But, I have a compromised immune system. If they don’t have their vaccines and get sick, it could kill me.” And their mom basically said, “That isn’t my problem, my concern is for my own children,” so I told my best friend that we couldn’t hang out anymore because, “My mom won’t let me hang out with other kids who haven’t been vaccinated. I could die. I mean, that’s why people who are healthy should get vaccinated, so they can protect people like me who can’t.” And then I went home and was in my backyard and was crying and my sister came out and was like, “What’s wrong?” and I told her, “I can’t hang out with my best friend anymore because he isn’t vaccinated. His mom would rather I die than her kids run the risk of getting autism. Which isn’t even caused by vaccines anyways,” and then I just started sobbing. It was pretty messed up.

The other one involved Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I was at my mom’s old house and there was some sort of party and I was standing around with a bunch of girl friends, eating pizza and I was like, “You can make eating any food look dirty,” and someone was like, “Come on, really? Even cereal?” and I was all, “Totally cereal, think about it.” The whole time JDM is in the corner, leaning against the piano, drinking a beer, just casually observing everything. When I said this, he looked straight at me and goes, “Cereal? How would you do that?” and I just locked eyes with him and said, “When you make me breakfast in the morning, I’ll show you.” He gave me that patented-JDM smirk and chuckle and went back to his beer. Other stuff happened and then he was leaving and he came over with a piece of paper and pen and scribbled something down, handed it to me, winked, and walked away. I looked down at it and it was his phone number. I told my girls, “I got his digits,” and they were like, “No way!” and I showed it to them and they were all giggling and ooohhhing. Sadly, I woke up then, before I got to use the phone number!

Anyways, what’s up with all you guys?
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