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I Blame Mulder, As One Does.

So at some point this month - if I'd known I was going to keep them, I would have paid more attention to the date they were born - was Roo's birthday. Here's the story of when he was born:

My cat, Papa Bear - who was Audrey first and took the name Papa Bear because of how great of a dad he was to the kittens - and I moved into my mom's house, just after my little brother moved out and left his own cat, Zippo - yes, the Zippo that ended up being my sister's spoiled queen for years - behind. Four months or so after I moved in, Zippo had babies. I could tell she was getting close to having them and at the time I was sleeping on the couch in Mom's living room while the floor upstairs was being redone. So I made a bed of blankets and towels for Zippo on the couch next to me, so I could keep on an eye on her. Only then The X-Files came on and I turned my back to her so I could see the TV. I was pretty engrossed in the episode, but I could feel her moving around, trying to get comfortable behind me, so during a commercial break, I decided to roll over and see how she was doing. I almost rolled right onto Krycek aka Big Buddy - the cat I lost last fall. It seemed Zippo had given birth right there, an inch from me, while I was staring transfixed by Mulder and Scully. I jumped up to see she had another baby coming out - this would be Roo, the one who just turned 16 - only Krcyek - and yes, I named him that because he was born during The X-Files, though he ended up taking to Buddy eventually - was shoving himself at her and screaming for her attention and basically doing whatever he could to make Zippo pay attention to him. This is a trend that would continue throughout his life, as Buddy was demanding and bossy as all get out. But Zippo couldn't get Roo unattached from his cord and in the meantime, Whispa - my mom's cat that she lost last fall - was coming out. I yelled for Mom to get up and we wrapped Krycek in towels and moved him, so Zippo could concentrate on what she had to do. She got Roo detached - I later made a joke about how we should name him 'Joey' because he was like a little kangaroo who didn't want to leave his mama's pouch and from there he became Roo - and Whispa came out and then one more - Muggins, who was beautiful, the perfect combo of his mom and dad - and that was how I got four beautiful babies from my loving, handsome Papa Bear and the queen of all cats, Zippo.

Thankfully, I always taped The X-Files episodes, in case I needed to rewatch any bits or episodes, so I managed to catch up, despite being distracted in the middle by kittens being born next to my head. I tend to celebrate in the middle of March since I can't be sure when they were born, but it was a Sunday, early spring of 1999, and during one of these X-Files episodes: Arcadia, Alpha or Trevor, according to imdb. I wish I could remember for sure.

Anyways, my boy is sweet 16 now and I got him a petting glove, because he is afraid of the grooming brush, and he seems to really enjoy the glove much better.
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