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Fake Psychic, Real Physical Therapist.

IDK why I am so lazy about posting my art, omg! But look, here is the piece I did for K for his 50th birthday earlier this year. He is a huge fan of Psych - it's kind of freaking adorable - so I made him a little something to hang in his office.

Psychic Physical Therapy - 04

I tried to do the lettering by making stencils from the internet and spacing them out appropriately. I think the pineapple came out really well though. Like on accident, because the background was so bright that I couldn't get the pineapple coloring to cover it up and I had to like layer it, and not brush it on so much as just press it on, to get the pineapple to cover up the blue background. The effect ended with it looking like the surface of the pineapple and I really like it.

Honestly, I wanted to do a picture of K’s face doing the psychic-mind finger thing that Shawn does, like a combo of K’s face and Shawn Spencer. But after an hour of drawing it, I got so frustrated. Sketching just is not my thing. So my sister was like, "Calm down, try something else, maybe do it in cartoon form." Well I am even worse at that, but I tried and when I showed it to her, she said, "Omg, he looks like Gollum." Which is, honestly, what I thought too. I stepped away from it for a bit, but I was so frustrated and growly and stuff about it and then my sister came up with this brilliant idea and at first I was like, "No way, I hate doing lettering," but I decided to try it out and hell yes, this was the way to go. And yes, I wrote Fake Psychic, Real Physical Therapist on the back.

Psychic Physical Therapy - 01
Psychic Physical Therapy - 03
Psychic Physical Therapy - 02

When I gave it to him, his whole face lit up - it was so super cute. Then he had to hug me and when I told him it had been my sister's idea to go with the office sign, he was all, "Where did she go, I want to hug her too!"

Anyways, this my Psych art I did for K’s 50th birthday! I'll try to put up some more soon, I swear!
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