dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Happy Easter!

Hello and Happy Easter, friends! I didn't have any family obligations this year, but after my sister went to church, we took a trek out to the farm to visit Grandma and take her some flowers. Then we spent the rest of the day watching Law & Order: SVU, as one does, and I had a nice phone call with The BFF, since we didn't get to see each other this week. I just wanted to take this moment to say Happy Easter to all of my peeps - (get it, 'peeps', ahahaha, yeah, I may need to go to bed now). Anyways, you guys are the best! Have a Easter card I made...

Okay, Cyclops. Happy Easter!
Tags: art - holiday, cartoons are for everyone!, easter - hippitus hoppitus, family circus, friends 4evah, i share my toys, real life, sister oh sister, sleep now, the bff is my bestest best friend, without a criminal bones: svu, x-men are hardcore hottie heroes

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