dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

She Runs Us Still.

So today - May 3, 2015 - is my Grandma's 90th birthday. She is the last of my grandparents still with us and, up until her heart surgery about a month ago, has still been kicking ass and taking names on a fairly regular basis. She's taken a downward turn lately, but she is still living at the farm, on her own, mostly - with some help from her neighboring son - and she says she is staying there until her last day. I don't doubt it. Grandma was an adventurous, rebellious young lady - getting married the week after she turned 18, to my grandpa, a Navy man seven years her senior, and then carting my uncle at like 3 months of age, across the entire country, just her and her girlfriend, to catch up with their men on the ship. She raised three boys - and my grandpa, let's be honest about that, she was still raising him up to his last day - and though Grandpa ran the farm, it would never have run without her. She worked over 30 years at Kmart and Grandpa got her a CB Radio for her night drives home from work and she would chat with the truckers to 'help keep them awake on the road'. The truckers were all sad when she retired and gave up the CB. Grandma is most certainly where I get my filthy sense of humor from and she used to tell me to 'keep an eye out for a good looking doctor for me!', when I was as young as four. I would too, telling all the cute doctors my grandma wanted to meet them!

I want to write up a whole post about her birthday party and the nostalgia of the farm, but later, after my houseguests have left. So, for today, just a little celebration for a great woman that I love, my grandma. Keep kicking our asses, Grandma! I love you!
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