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The Man Of My Dreams.

So, I am finally going to tell you about last Saturday, wherein I met... Jackson Galaxy. That’s right, Jackson Galaxy, renowned cat behaviorist from Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. And it was AWESOME!!! He is just as cute, nay cuter, in person and super sweet and omg!!!

My sister’s coworker was all, “Jackson Galaxy is coming to this pet store tomorrow and I am going to meet him,” and my sister was like, “WHAAAT?!” and I was like, “OMG, SO JEALOUS!!” And I told my sister, “I kind of want to go, but I have so much going on in the next week and I don’t feel that great and omg, what would I have him sign? I should skip PT tonight and instead make a wallpaper for him to sign!” And my sister was like, “Or we could just pick up his book and have him sign that,” and I was all, “No, it has to be a picture, so it can go in my autograph book with my Sean Astin and Misha Collins and omg…but we shouldn’t even go anyways.” And Sis was like, “Your excited just thinking about it. It’s the only thing you have going on this week that you actually want to do, so we should do it. And take Hiccup, of course.” So we did.

At first we tried carrying Hiccup in the little front pouch bag, but every time a car sped by he would freak, so Sis got his big carrying bag and after that he was fine. He even kept asking to get out and then he got so tired that my sister swaddled him in his binky and he fell asleep in her arms, surrounded by a hundred people and several animals. People kept asking, “What have you got swaddled up there?” Tons of girls, like 7-12 years old, all wearing cat shirts, and they would politely go, “Is that a kitten? Is he asleep? May we pet him, please?’ He did so good, I am so proud of our little man.

When we met Jackson, he was thrilled to see Hiccup. He asked when we adopted him and what happened to his leg and was like gushing at me that we were giving him such a good home. I told him how we got our other cats a few years ago when they were 3 weeks old, abandoned in the road, and how we never would have been able to care for kittens that young or integrate them into the house if it hadn’t been for his show and he looked like he was going to cry and he said, “Thank you for saying that, oh my goodness.” And then we got pictures together and I asked if he could do one with just Hiccup for my blog and he did, but it took a few shots to get a good one because he couldn’t stop fussing over how cute Hiccup was long enough to take the shot. He also signed an autograph and now I have an autograph and photo op of Jackson Galaxy for my fangirl books!

Also, while we were there, we met a wonderful young woman with a beautiful Maine Coon cat named Harley. Harley was so well-behaved, super chill, even with all the other people and animals there, strutting around on a harness being magnificent. Really just a regal, gorgeous cat. And a gorgeous cat guardian as well. I asked if I could take their picture for my blog because let’s be frank; gorgeous animals, gorgeous women, fantastically artistic tattoos and stellar fashion - it’s a pretty perfect combo for my Tumblr. I figured I’d share here as well!

Jackson Galaxy - 03 Jackson Galaxy - 04
Hiccup & Jackson!

Heather and Harley - 01 Heather and Harley - 02
Hiccup's new friend, Harley, a Maine Coon, and lovely Cat Guardian!

It’s been so long since I’ve done the celebrity/convention thing that I was like super flustered, goodness. Plus, you know, he is the man of my dreams - hot, sweet, pet lover, rockstar, snazzy dresser, tattoos, drives a pink convertible, has a guitar case with a guitar in it and a guitar case with cat toys in it, like omg, I love him. I love him. And now I’ve met him. And I got to show off Hiccup to the world and oh, Hiccup doesn’t know it, but Jackson Galaxy has made his life better. We never would have been brave enough to take a 5 week old, 3-legged kitten if we weren’t armed with all of Jackson’s advice.

That was my weekend last weekend. Throw that in with a specialist appointment and a missed dose of Lexapro - oops - and no wonder I have been down most of the week. But you know what? Totally worth it. Jackson Galaxy is totally worth it.
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