May 22nd, 2010


When people waste my time so they can...

...sit around jerking themselves off.


Yeah, so my RL stuff didn't take as long as I thought it would, mostly because people think I have time to waste.

Namely - why do doctors suck?

So, I have bad knees. They were suppose to do a surgery on Wednesday and fix them. At some point over the last three months (since they scheduled said surgery), the doctor decided it was a bad idea and that we should try something else (that will not be as good but whatever) and oh yeah, decided to tell me he wasn't gonna do the damn thing, when I was already in the pre-op, in my hospital gown, getting an IV in my arm.

They sent me home.

Three months, dude. You couldn't have put your dick away long enough to call me?

The amount of pissed I am cannot be expressed without some sort of violent release.

What I really want to do is cut all of my hair off into a mohawk, dye it black, buy some really heavy liquid eyeliner and some very short plaid skirts and get a tattoo.

I have $80 to my name. So, not so much with the fall-back onto my old punk rock phase to deal with my anger and my need to cleanse.

Instead, I'm going to go read fic. There is a new piece to the Quotable 'verse up over on the Mike/Misha community. Why is this my new OTP? Seriously, they started the community by making their M2 argument and it was a really good argument with really good points and then I read some fic and well, M2 is kinda The Awesome.

The Quotable 'verse in-particular. Misha has this like OCD sort of problem where he only talks in movie quotes, which sounds absolutely cracky, but is genius. The writer gets so much through Misha even with just quotes, the writing is brilliant, the emotion is astounding and the adoration Mike has for Misha is so amazing. Plus, bonus!J2, so what's not to love?

Master post here, if you want to check it out:

A Quotable Thing Master Post