June 8th, 2010


I Give and I Give and I Give...

...Now when do I receive? I want Misha, covered in glitter sparkles, delivered by UPS.

Oh, wait, I should do the giving first.

half_vulcan wanted pictures of the Apoc-A-Box that baylorsr made. liptonrm is the only person in existence who has a baylorsr Apoc-A-Box (Are we calling them FGC Apoc-A-Box-es now?) Anyway, liptonrm was nice enough to upload pictures on her own journal - see them here: Apoc-A-Box Now!

Someone, whose name I'll spare because she might not want to admit to the world that she flapped her hands, called her bff and said "Oh my God, are Misha and his wife actually real?", wanted to know the name of Victoria's book about threesomes. I found it on Amazon - see here: Can we mention how the one guy on the cover kind looks like Misha? Just saying.

And baylorsr went looking for a Stonehenge Apocalypse trailer yesterday (the awfulness that is this movie, because omg does it look bad, premieres just three days before baylorsr's birthday, which means nothing but still worth a mention). Anyway, I found a trailer which is really just the two minutes of when the Stonehenge Earthquake Superntaural Electricity begins. The Stonehenge formation shakes, people scream and then blue electricity appears. This is going to be the worst. I can't wait. Sadly, no Misha in the trailer. Sorry, baylorsr - see bad trailer here: Omg, I love bad movies

Also, I Pimp - allamboy has written a fantastic fic, that he managed to keep quiet about for two months (how, allamboy? You can't keep your mouth closed, like, ever. Seriously, two months?) that was inspired by the TV show Sliders (as I was reading Jared and Jensen in the various worlds, I was like "omg, I remember the episode with dinosaurs!). Anyway, J2 in many Slider-esque worlds, though knowledge of the show is not necessary. Think of it as like a bunch of tiny little J2 AU teases and enjoy! (allamboy, I swear, I will leave you coherent feedback beyond the squealing I did in our living room. Please, don't send your lesser half in my room at night to beat with me her tennis racket. I'll feedback, I swear! Love you, sweetie. And let's start Buffy Season 6 on Thursday, k?) - Warning: Will make you scream that he is a big giant tease

That is all. Now, Misha, covered in glitter sparkles, delivered by UPS. Thank you.

Glee Is Suppose To Be My HAPPY Show!

Supernatural is my show that is suppose to make me cry! Glee is suppose to be my happy show! HAPPY SHOW, I say!

But I started crying when Tina started crying and I couldn't stop. And then I did and then Mr. Schue started crying and then...MY HAPPY SHOW!

And now it's all gone and it's summer and Psych won't be back until the end of July and dammitdammitdammit.

Maybe I'll make a coherent post about the Glee finale later but right now I am just...I'm not suppose to cry over Glee.

Stupid Glee.