June 21st, 2010


OMG, You Peoples

casiedearestfic has written me some Chared fic. Probably to make up for that whole werewolf thing. And because, seriously, how did she not know about The Awesome that is Chad/Jared? They are made for each other.

Plus, they're all smishy drunk in the bathtub. But not naked. Which, surprisingly, I find more appealing. WTF did I just say? No, no, naked. I like naked. Dammit.

Read it here: Pop The Cap With A Snap

Also, I had a conversation with xingou that ended with the following:

Me: I think Cas and Gabriel need a spin-off. Perhaps something like "The Office meets Heaven" - and Gabriel keeps saying he has important business meetings and Cas keeps finding him in strip clubs. Occasionally, Jensen can cameo, and when Cas shows up at the strip club to get Gabriel's signature on whatever memo Joshua needs asap, Dean will be there having a beer with Gabriel. Then Dean and Cas can be all awkward and not look at each other and Gabriel can be like "Seriously, what happened in Tulsa?" (idk why I randomly picked Tulsa there, but it sounds good to me!) And no one will ever say what happened in Tulsa and fangirls everywhere will have to make it up in fan-fic, or bug Misha about it at conventions.

Xingou: I love your brain! I approve highly of this universe and think you should write it!! XD Then you can write a coda about what really happened in Tulsa. Haha.

I'm seriously considering this, peoples.

Cuz yeah, like I need more story ideas.

I'm Seriously You Guys...

So, I haven't checked any of my newsletters in a week - SPN, Star Trek or Glee. Am I missing anything? Did anything awesome happen? Did Misha and Mark Pellegrino make out anywhere?

I was sort of taking some down time this last month, since I've gotten my LJ, and I've been reading all the communities and newsletters and shit. But now I have to get back to actually doing things. (ugh, things). On top of which, I have mega fan-fic project that I need to get finished up by the Fourth of July. So, for the last week, I've just been scrolling Friend's Journals and skipping the rest. I mean, I have enough fic saved up to read to last me for like, ever. And I lived for the first three years of Supernatural without all the wallpapers and videos and whatnot. I can survive two weeks.


Oh god, it's like a drug.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll figure out the balance of how to skim these things faster and maneuver LJ Land more efficiently. At some point.

In the meantime - FRIENDS - I CALL UPON YOU: If Misha does something really hysterical or if Mark Salling does a photo shoot with his shirt off or if Chris Pine accidentally outs himself and his uber-boyfriend, Zachary Quinto - PLEASE INFORM ME!

And rec me some Big Bangs, because I haven't had a chance to read any and I won't for another month or so.

IN EXCHANGE - I will have FIC for you. All I've posted since I got my LJ is one Glee fic and some CW RPS. I have Supernatural Fiction. /gasp/ I do. And as soon as mega project is done, I will have time to start posting it.

IN SUM: Don't let me miss anything exciting that my boys do - and I will reward you with a Summer Of Fic-athon.

Thank you. That is all.

Off to type up the two notebooks full of fic I have written up.

EDIT: Also, if anyone hears about any Jared photo ops available for the Creation Chicago Con, let me know, would you? For The Cousin. She would die.