June 27th, 2010


It's Marigold's Birthday, So I Give Hobbit Vid Recs

Happy Birthday, marigoldg! I totally use this as an excuse to look at the Happy Hobbit Boys all smiley and full of love.

Hope it was filled with excellent goodness, dude!


Don't get too nostalgic watching these! (It's not like I did, or anything.)

Drinking and Dancing are what Little Hobbit Boys are made of - Hobbit Happy Hour

Hey, remember when they were in The Shire and everything was simple and good, and then they went out into The Real World and it wasn't so good, but then they got to go back to The Shire again? - Just My Imagination

Okay, less Hobbits and more just, well, The Fellowship are bad-ass and look at these Hero-Shots - BAMFs

And just because, The Flight of the Conchords does LOTR - Frodo, Don't Wear The Ring