August 8th, 2010


OMG, You Peoples - Steve Carlson Is My Rockstar Boyfriend, Bitches

Okay - I don't know why my subject line got so foul-mouthed and crazed, except...

OMG, You Peoples - tringic wrote me fic!!!

(Sorry, I just disappointed all the people who thought this was a post about my sister's Sims, which usually have subject lines of me declaring boyfriends and calling people bitches - apologies, but look, fic...)

Why did she write me fic, you ask? (or don't ask, but I'll tell you anyway!)

To paraphrase (very much paraphrasing here) -

Me: blahblah Mark Saling's hands blahblah Steve Carlson's hands blahblah

Trin: blahblahblah am researching Steve Carlson.

Me: blahblah links for Steve blahblah remember that time Jared proposed to Steve?

Trin: No, what? Ha! I knew Steve/Jared made total sense.

Me: blahblahblah Steve's fingers playing the guitar blahblah

Trin: Now I want to write Steve/Jared for my bingo, but all I have left is cuddling while sick, foot rubs, and wedding consummation.

Me: Steve/Jared Cuddling While Sick!!! Do It - here let me give you an entire plot and then to force you to do it, I shall beat you with my sister's tennis racket that has the bat rabies on it.

(okay, so yes, my sister beat a bat to death with her tennis racket, but it turned out not to have the rabies after all - but Tennis Racket of Bat Rabies just sounds cooler. Also, I meant to beat Tringic with the tennis racket, but she wrote the story so fast, I never actually got a chance.)

Wait, what...Oh, yeah - STEVE/JARED!!

So, Jared is sick and he wants cuddles and Jensen always gives him cuddles when he's sick and - omg, Steve can't believe this bullshit. Does he look like Jensen to you??!!

Yay! Fic!

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