August 15th, 2010


Dominic Monaghan Is A Sex-Ass!

Holy Shit. Dominic Monaghan is a sex-ass. Like. Damn.

Dear Eminem -

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Dodger

OMG. Do you think anyone watched him as Geoffrey Shawcross in first season of Hetty when he was like 16 and thought to themselves, "Hey, I bet that kid grows up to be a sex-ass."?

Cuz. Damn.

See Dominic and his sex-ass here.

Carry on.

Things - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bollywood, Cats & Jensen In Days Of Our Lives

Things that have been brought to my attention as of late -

liptonrm, here is an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Fallon, if you're interested.

He's such a geek, I love him

oselle, I know you like to watch Bollywood movies. This seems like you need to be drunk to watch it, though.

It's kind of Slash-tastic - Three Idiots

baylorsr, Look, it's the cats in the morning!

Feed Me, Seymour!

Also, Peoples, this is what happens when you try to Eat The Babies!

Come Here, Kitty!

And lastly, for those of you who attended FanGirl Central's Jensen Ackles Weekend (<--oh, what would you have me call it, you know it was our Jensen Ackles Weekend!) - and were all like, "I can't believe we can't get our hands on some Eric Brady."

I give you, Eric Brady Returns - look at the hair!

And then the ones that person posted from their old VCR tapes - these aren't all the episodes he did, but, here, Jensen Ackles in Days Of Our Lives #1

Also, click on my you accidently did porn tag and get the one where Eric Brady did porn.

And, under the cut, you'll find some Days group promo shots. I'll leave it up to you to decide - a) sequel to The Outsiders or b) cover for a gay porno. Now the question remains, which of these guys was sleeping with Jensen before he met his true love, Jared? (What? Did you forget for a minute whose LJ you were reading?)

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Carry On.