September 2nd, 2010


As All World Turns Recap - Love For All Ages & Dipping Your Pen

So, this is my sister's Sims. She started a new game play just before Memorial Day. Every weekend, when The BFF is down, she takes us in her room and shows us what has happened this week on her Sims. She puts together these three minute videos and we flail around about "OMG, did you see Richard and Misha holding hands? They're so cute! Did you see Dean crying again? OMG, Dean, I want to huggle you! When are Xander and Anya going to have another baby?" But the episodes are really short, so it's possible I expand on them a little bit.

For your pleasure. Not mine. /looks around shifty eyed at you all/

Also, I live under the delusion/truth that AS ALL WORLD TURNS IS A REAL SHOW - DON'T TELL ME IT ISN'T - I CAN'T HEAR YOU - LALALALA

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I'm so excited for Dean's MILF action, you guys. I think this J2 thing is going to totally take off the ground. And I kinda want to write some hate-sex JDM/Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino <--what? He's evil but he ain't ugly.

Now I'm gonna go look for some As All World Turns fan-fiction.