September 6th, 2010


Icon Hunting...

Look at Dean's smiling pretty face. That has nothing to do with anything, except it's nice to look at and now I shall talk about icons.

So, the other day I downloaded a couple Dark Alec, er Dark Angel, icons.

And then today the sister was all, "Remember when Alec and Logan hugged? That was awesome," and I got to wondering if anyone had an icon of that. Or any awesome Dark Alec icons they wanted to rec.

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Basically, I just want you to do all my work for me, because I'm lazy. So for every icon you rec me, I'll rec you one back (artist name included, so you can go scout their livejournal after and feedback/steal/borrow/politely ask for more shit from them.) And, obviously, only from people who offer up their icons to the public.

Thank you. That is all.

PS: Sorry this was so random and full of babble, it is late and I had the longest afternoon ever. Children should not come in twos, it makes things twice as hard. ie, how the hell did I work with kids for ten damn years, I can't handle two for one afternoon.

Random Random-ness...

1) The Final Destination - aka Final Destination 4 - aka You All Gonna Die. All the other Final Destination films were called, "You All Gonna Die Cuz Tony Todd Said So". Don't worry, folks, Tony Todd will be back in Final Destination Five, currently filming.

It was good, in the way that Final Destination films are fun and gory. The scene that creeped me out the most was the hospital scene, the guy strapped to all that equipment, unable to get away. I do wish we had gone to see it at the theater though, not just for the 3D aspect, but because Final Destination films are the kind of thing that are best seen at 9pm on a Friday night with a crowd of people. Also, there was this scene in the movie where the people were watching a 3D movie and the movie screen exploded and so, like, imagine watching a 3D movie of people watching a 3D movie and then their screen explodes and then it looks like you're screen explodes - it would have been awesome on the big screen, is my point.

2) Angel had cyborg ninjas in today's episode. My sister said if Angel had an army of cyborg ninjas, not only could he teach them to fight, but he could teach them to dance in synch with each other. Somedays I really love my sister's genius. Someone please get on that - the cyborg ninja dance troupe. Thank you.

3) Castiel is Princess Leia. There may have been some ridiculousness going on at FanGirl Central tonight, with a viewing of Empire Strikes Back. Leia even leans against the wall like Cas does. And she doesn't understand Han's human stupidity, that half-wit scruffy-looking nerf-herder. The BFF would like me to ask Misha at convention if he modeled Castiel after Leia - she wasn't really serious about that, I don't think, we were a little cracked out - but I would be interested to hear Misha's hypothesis on which character from Star Wars he thinks Castiel is.

4) I dreamed I went to convention the other night and had dinner with Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr. At the end of dinner, Matt announced he was quiting acting to become a bartender. Then he went in the bathroom and came out dressed like Adam Lambert. Then Richard said he had to go meet someone, and he went, and there was a spaceship. All these green people came out and then Richard turned green - and it turned out that Richard was an alien and he went away on the spaceship. Then I had a fight with my mother, who wanted to take me clothes shopping because my clothes were apparently inappropriate, and I didn't want to, because I wanted to go hear Jared and Jensen read to school children instead. Naturally. IDEK, peoples.

5) Now bad news. Sadly, my old cat is sick. He has a growth of some sort. It's little but it seems to have cracked opened and is bleeding (or at least it started bleeding when we poked at it to get a better look). Poor Papa Bear. He's been acting like he hasn't felt good for a week, being all clingy and walking around all slow like he's dragging ass. He's old and the change in weather does that to him sometimes. But then I found this little lump and showed the sister, to see if she thought it was a tick, but it isn't. (one of my cousins works for a vet and she says it is definitely a growth). I have to take him to the vet now. I feel bad that he feels so crappy. The money situation is kind of stressing me out too, since I have no idea how much this all will cost in the end.

That is all.