October 4th, 2010


Need Opinions (look at these pretty pictures)

It's tough, the things I ask of you...to take time out of your busy schedules and look at these pretty pictures of Brock Kelly and Matt Cohen.

How could I ask such a thing of you?

So heavenreturned asked me if I was getting excited about convention.

Isn't that a silly question?


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Now the good stuff...I made autograph pictures. I like to bring something a little original. (Ever since the first time I got an autograph in person when I had a wallpaper printed out that I made of Frodo and Sam and Sean Astin said, "Where did you get this? It's cool." I was all, "I made it." And he goes, "You made it? Wow. That's awesome." Which was awesome.)

So I made quite a few, I maybe got a little carried away. But I have decided what to print for each person...except Brock Kelly and Matt Cohen. I can't decide. I've gotten a few opinions, now I want yours.

So, here, look at my options and tell me which you like best. Colin Ford is NOT going to be there, but I am always prepared for the future, and I love the Little Winchester Brothers. But then I realized the odds of me ever getting Colin's autograph is like 100 to 1, so that seems silly, even though the pictures look really awesome.

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Thanks, Peoples!

(Also, if you are going to Chicago Con, don't forget to bring something for the food drive! Thanks!)

Some People Have Expressed Interest...

Hello, flist! So after I posted those options for my autograph pictures, I got some people asking about what they should get autographed at various cons. And some requests to print out some of the Matt Cohen pictures.

And I was wondering...does anyone want any of these?

I mean, if you tell me what you are looking for (so I don't have to post all 128 "autograph" picture options I have made over the years - what? I really really loved my old photo program. I liked to make "art". Don't even get me started on the 300 or so wallpapers I have made in the past.) But if you expresed a certain person you were looking for a picture of for a future con of your own, I'd be happy to post you some.

So let's see...Collapse )

Anyway, if you want any of these, let me know. I can put them up tomorrow.

See, I know how to share my pretty boys.