October 6th, 2010


If You're Having A Bad Day...Psych Makes You Feel Better!

For jacks_boonie, who's having some suckage lately.

Psych-sters Unite! (Is Psych-sters the word for that Fandom? It is now.)


Some Psych fic recs -

Lassiter/Shawn - It gets kind of heavy at some points, but it is so worth the wait. They are awesome together. Lassiter's Little Wifey

Lassiter/Shawn - Shawn solves a case via post-it notes. And there's some flirting. Message is in the Medium

Gen - Where Sam and Dean Winchester show up to investigate zombies, and meet the local psychic detective agency. Crossover Fic. (Fear) The Reaper

And some Psych vid recs -

I don't know why this amuses me so much, but it does. The Pineapple Dance

Shawn and Gus are Bestest Best Friends! Best Friend

And because Lassiter is a BAMF - Lassiter is a Sexy-Beast

Did that distract you for a little bit?


More Pretty Pictures, By Request...

Tonight is apparently the night of which I spam you all.

For the record, I decided to go with Brock #1 picture (the one with the brown-ish background and the pictures arranged to look like a "t") and the Matt #5 picture (the one with the two John Winchester pics along the left and the big headshot along the right.) That wasn't actually the one people liked the most, the most popular one was the one with the ripped jeans and the cheap sneakers. But I thought I might be too embarrassed to get that signed. I don't mind making Jared sign my SPN-Sims comic book, but that picture of Matt makes my brain wonky. And my brain will already be wonky looking at his pretty face, so...

I printed my pics and I am very happy with how they came out. My Jason Manns picture is awesome.

So, thanks for your opinions everyone!!

And now, some people wanted to use some of my autograph pics, so they asked for pretties of...

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Anybody else?

Sleep now.