October 15th, 2010


Apparently, I Am A Dirty Lady...

Just did this poll thingy.

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I totally agree with that, except it says it's based on...

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

crack (17x) - zombie (7x) - sexy (6x) - dead (5x) - kill (4x) - hell (3x) - steal (1x).

And I'm like, really? It isn't based on the many uses of the word "cock" or "dick"? And now I'm wondering how many times I have used those words in my LJ since I got it in May.

Just sayin'.
dean winchester

Fic: Feel The Wind, Dean & Ben, Gen, PG

This is totally canon-future for another 6 hours at least.

I actually started writing it the day before 6.02 aired, because I thought Dean should just go hunt, but it didn't mean he had to give up his family because Lisa & Ben are his family now too. And then I was going to finish it after episode aired and well, look what they did. Only I just now found time to post it, so...

Also, what is with this schmoopy-gen-kid-fic? Schmoopy-est, most cheesy thing I have ever written...ever.

But I have figured out how to actually get a story finished (which I have been severely struggling with for the last two months) - apparently I just need to keep it under 1,000 words. Anyone who knows me is now laughing at the idea of me keeping anything under 1,000 words.

Here - Dean goes to visit Ben after school.
Future-fic, Gen, Kid-fic - Rated PG - 682 words. Ben is only slightly older than he is now.

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A Little Glee...and A Little SPN

First, I hate when I click "post" and then remember I didn't "tag" to a community. I always do it at one community every time I cross-post a fic. At least this time it was a moderated comm and it didn't just post straight through. /sigh/

Anyhoo...I have brief comments on Shows that I haven't had time to express yet.

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In Sum: Hawaii Five-O is getting better. I could still do without Alex whatever his name is in that lead role, but it is hard to stay chemistry-less when acting next to my boy, Caan. And some of the looks Steve gives Danny are so "fuck me now", it's awesome. Plus, they are giving Daniel and Grace's characters some in-depth storylines, so I'm sticking with it.

Nikita is not as good as I expected, but I'm hanging in there because, hi Aaron Stanford, (who looks like he's had his nose broken a few times since I saw him last), and holy shit can Shane West wear a mother-fucking suit. Hi, Shane, you grew up nice since from when you were on that show with Billy Campbell.

I still am ridiculously excited about Hellcats. Idek why, but I love it and rush to watch my episodes every week. It's fun. You got a problem with me watching a teen drama about cheerleaders on The CW? Thought not.