October 25th, 2010


We're The Monster Squad & Buffy & then some Writing Blah...

See my "Monster Squad" icon? It was made by bloodyretro, and I love it. Go check out bloodyretro's icons for some Halloween/Horror goodness.

Anyway, that's Eugene in my icon and he gets shit done. I remember my brother and I watching that movie so much when we were younger. And when The Boy Cousin was about 5, my mother bought it for him for Christmas one year, because she remembers my brother loving that movie.

Only now I also have it, on DVD, and I am under the current belief that my mother never actually watched "Monster Squad" all those times that she let us watch it. These are the most fouled-mouthed, ill-behaved, politically incorrect (even for that era) children ever. And Rudy, at least, is pretty damn sex-crazed. It may be appropriate for a 12 year old. Not an 8 year old, which is what my brother was. And certainly not a five year old. The number of times they say the word "bitch" alone...

Though they do promote being friends with Frankenstein Monster, because it isn't his fault he looks so scary...he was just built that way!

But I look forward to re-watching "Monster Squad" this Halloween. (by which I mean Friday, cuz there is no way I would ever get The BFF and The Sister to watch it with me, so I'll do it while they are at work.)

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Today I had three new ideas for stories that came out of nowhere and one that is now completely written in my head. Yesterday I had two new story ideas. It's like this everyday. Can you believe I am complaining about this?

But you know what I'm going to do with this burst of creativity?


Because I can't seem to actually write any of them. I have a million ideas - (and by a million, I think my list has reached 43 fic plots) - and I can't seem to start any of them. And when I do, I can't seem to finish any of them.

It's frustrating because I am being very creative with the mass plots and shit...and yet also, not creative at all because as soon as I sit down to type, it's all gone. If I could transcribe my thoughts to a computer while in the shower, I'd be golden.

It is totally thundering outside right now. Hey, 13chapters, how is the weather in CA, now that you aren't here with the tornadoes and shit?

Now...someone write me some CW RPS as The Monster Squad kid!fic, k? Great. Christian Kane should be Rudy.

Zombie Invasion...and Program Your DVRs!

Or, for you lucky people who have the far more superior Tivo...Program Your Tivos!

Tomorrow night, 8pm on FOX, "Glee" is doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it will be awesome and even if you don't watch the TV show "Glee,"...you should watch this episode. Because...ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! I mean, come on.

Saturday, the 30th, beginning at 12 noon - tune in to Comedy Central for a LIVE Broadcast of THE RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY and/or FEAR!! Brought to you from The National Mall in Washington DC, by The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and that guy Stephen something. No, no, I love you too, Colbert.

Go to the Rally! Or watch the Rally live on TV! Or program the Rally on your DVRs! Or, if you are terribly busy that day, just support the Rally by donating to The National Mall, cuz they are gonna fuck that shit up. Rally news, bus organizations and car pool info, and a link on how to donate to The National Mall, can all be found at the official site.

Or, if you are more into Keeping Fear Alive - join Stephen Colbert and The March To Keep Fear Alive!

And on Sunday, since I am shocked to find there are still people out there who don't know about this..."The Walking Dead" premieres. Yes, it's based on the comics. Yes, it's very "28 Days Later". (What's up with that, who knows? Did 28 Days Later totally steal that whole opening scene from The Walking Dead comics or what?) And it is absolutely the Zombie Apocalypse! Plus, LENNIE JAMES...that man has a sexy voice. Hi, Hawkins, hi! Oh, yes, on AMC, Sunday at 10pm. (It's in the "Mad Men" slot, which cracks me up because it conjures to my cracked out brain the image of Don Draper as a zombie. Bet he could still get laid though.)

And check out how they plan to promote "The Walking Dead" by staging ZOMBIE INVASIONS in major cities around the world - um, looks like tomorrow, the 26th. At subways and the like...and for anyone in America, the zombies are coming to LA, NY, DC, Boston, San Francisco & Chicago! The Zombies Are Coming!

On a final note, we have finished the Buffy Season Three extras and have moved on to Angel Season One. We just did the pilot commentary and omg...Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt are so Bestest Best Friends that it squishes my insides! And when Cordelia looks around that guy's office and notices the dark curtains and the no mirrors and is all, "You're a vampire!" - heehee. I think the quote is, "I'm from Sunnydale, mister. We have a Hellmouth!" Oh, Cordy.

Also, as soon as Christian Kane made his first appearance on the screen, my sister just starts giggling uncontrollably. Christian has that effect on women. Plus, I noticed how curly his hair was, even when it was so short. Also, Angel's spiky ridiculous hair is so ridiculous. I bet Christian mocked David for it endlessly.

That is all.

Edited To Say: My sister doesn't giggle over Shirtless!Christian Kane - (as he is known around here, regardless of whether he is wearing a shirt or not) - because she is so madly in love with him...but rather because he had his 5XEverything hairstyle. Remember when he was in that boy band with Jensen, which is totally trufax?

Also, the credits tell me Josh Holloway was in the pilot as "Good Looking Guy", but I didn't see him. Someone point out the scene to me so I won't have to go looking, cuz I'm lazy. Thanks.

Now, that is all.

OMG - I Just Realized...

My LJ User Info is telling me that I have made 101 LJ entries! That means that random post I made yesterday about "The Monster Squad" and "Buffy" and my writing woes was my 100th Live Journal entry!

That's kind of cool.

At least, I find it exciting.

Does that make me lame?

Shut up.

So, question to my flist...have you made 50 entries? 100? 200? 500? What were they about? Answer in comments or re-post to your journal.

My 50th entry seems to have been on August 15th and was entitled "Dominic Monaghan Is A Sex-Ass!".

Well...on to 200!

EDIT: Pippin-Cat is very excited about my LJ accomplishment too! He just brought me the head of a frog in celebration and dropped it at my feet. It's really creepy looking and it's been under the couch, so it's all covered in dust and shit. But I told him what a good boy he was anyway.