October 26th, 2010


Meme - Seven (facts about me, not the creepy serial killer movie)

Alright, alright, aythia, I did a meme...see?

She's always tagging me to do these things and I am lame and never do. So this time, I thought I would, just to try something different...like actually doing things.

Don't expect major confessions here...I have to be in the mood for that chick-flick shit, you know.

Mission: List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
Tag seven people to do the same.
Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1. The tornado sirens went off today. Yes, like five days before Halloween. That's weird, even for Michigan. Which lead me to think about the fact that I hate storms! I hate high winds and pouring rain and thunder and lightening. Mostly because I have actually been in TWO tornadoes in my life. They didn't touch down, but believe me, they don't have to. My fear makes me do the following things when it even starts to rain - put in my contact lens, put my shoes next to my bed, have my bag with my wallet and my week worth of pills nearby...all in case I have to flee and/or the house comes crashing down around us. (These things also help in case of a fire). And I put on either my fake dog tags or my fake One Ring, sometimes both, because yes, those things totally help.

2. I don't like to eat things that have crunchy things in them - like brownies with nuts in them. Because you bite into it and you're all, "Omg, what was that?" and someone is like, "Oh, I think it has nuts in it," and then later you find out it didn't have nuts in it and you don't know what you just ate! Or sometimes you are eating something with nuts in it, but any of those crunchy things could also be like a cockroach or something! YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

3. Three, er four, albums that remind me of the summer after I graduated high school - Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill", Beastie Boys' "License To Ill" and both volumes of the Dazed and Confused soundtrack.

4. I have three cats - Audrey aka Papa Bear, Krycek aka Big Buddy, and Roo. I tend to talk more about my sister's cats because my cats are old and fat and don't do anything. Buddy thinks that "playing" means finding a piece of string and chewing on it. They are sweeties who like cuddles and pettings, but they don't ever do anything overly cute or new.

5. I got a job the summer between 8th and 9th grade at a child care and continued to work in child care for the next decade of my life. I did this until I was in my early twenties. Oddly, now I really don't like any kids, except the ones in my family. I don't know how I did it. They want things like all the time. Honestly. Though I do plan on taking this knowledge and totally using it to write an M2 daycare fic.

6. I am currently watching the following shows - Hoarders, Hellcats, NCIS LA, Nikita, Hawaii Five-O, Glee & Supernatural. I will soon be adding The Walking Dead, Psych and South Park to that list, as they return to television in the next few weeks. But where is my What Not To Wear?

7. It's a good thing this meme ended on an odd number, because I firmly and truly believe it is bad luck to end on an even number, unless it is a dividend of 10.

What? I have to tag people now? /grumble/ Fine, but only cuz this is the first meme I've ever done and I don't feel like being a rebel about it. But dude, aythia, we share way too many friends in common...seriously, I checked like five people to tag and they've already done this meme. Our flists are very over-lapping.

I tag ranua, vikingprincess, tringic, casiedearestfic, menel, liptonrm and 13chapters.