November 15th, 2010


Writing - Sometimes I Actually Do It...

I don't have a writing icon. That is sad. So I'm using this icon, because really, my babble about my writing will probably make you snoozy. ;)

I started trying to write for 500 words/a half hour everyday since the beginning of the month.

For a weekly total of 3,500 words.

Last week I wrote on only three days, but still managed 4,222 words.

This week I didn't write all week, at all...until last night, when I apparently decided to do my entire week in one night - 3,792 words.

It was pretty late and I had just come off of having The Nephew for the weekend, so I was mildly incoherent. Which leads me to wonder if any of it was comprehensible or not...but I still typed actual words, so yay me!

Most importantly, I finished a Dean/Cas fic that I have been working on since August. August, peoples. And it is only like 4,500 words, so not epic or anything. I had one scene left to go and I could not get it. For months. But I finished it and that, more than the word count, has made me happy.

I also finished my Thanksgiving fic, which I just started the week before. I was a little worried I wouldn't get it done by, you know, Thanksgiving - (wee!Sammy would not stop chattering away like a crack monkey!). I was mostly worried because I let it sit for a few days without working on it, and that is usually the thing that causes me to never be able to pick something back up again. But I finished my Thanksgiving fic too!

I finished fic! Seriously, I sound like a crazy person right now, but my list of unfinished fics just keeps getting longer, so it is a relief to know I have the ability to write the words "The End".

Okay, that is all.