November 22nd, 2010


Pray To Your Tiki Gods...or whatever.

Tomorrow my sister has the job interview for the position she really, really wants.

If she has to take the other job offer she has had, it will mean four hours a day on the road commuting. That's no good for her. It means she'll be a cranky butt when she gets home at night, which is no good for me either.

Remember that awful week when her cat died? It was immediately followed by all the politicians who had offered her jobs or job references, losing their elections. In fact, so many Democrats were voted out of office here, that her job prospects suddenly got cut by like 70%. She was networking like crazy and volunteering for campaigns...and then they all lost. That, combined with her cat dying, was really a shitty week for her.

This job she is looking at now is non-partisan and not dependent on any elections. Plus, she has been talking about this one as the job she wants. Since neither of my parents seem to be the least bit concerned that she is less than a month away from being unemployed, I thought I would show her some familial support here in LJ Land.

In WRITING NEWS - Last week I failed at meeting my goal for the first time since I started it, at the beginning of Nov. I only hit 2,143 words which means I came in about 1,400 words short, which is a pretty big shortage. It's the fic I am working on. It's like pulling teeth to get it out of me. The characters are so much fun to write when they are talking, but I end up deleting most of it, because it is moving too slow. Something needs to happen or it's just two guys talking to each other. Anyway, I think another 2,000 words will do it, but that's what I said 2,000 words ago, so...

Also, I need to be working on my Christmas stories that I want to write for people for Christmas. For at least one person, I have presents to go with the fic, so I better get it done.

And finally, in CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY NEWS - did y'all know that he is going to be in some wonderfully horrible ABC Family Christmas movie? It looks quite awful, as ABC Family Christmas Movies usually are, but look! Look, you guys! He's in scrubs!!!

Is he flirting with her over a dead body? Is he?!

Oh, ABC Family, just when I think I will never have reason to tune into you ever again, you give me The Chad in scrubs. I guess he finished writing his novel and went to get a real job. Or Jeff and Hilarie threatened to throw him out of the basement if he didn't start paying rent. Whichever or both.

That is all.

I Give You Pie Icons...

I was going to put these up with my Thanksgiving fic. But since it looks like I won't have that up until Friday, I thought you might want these icons now, you know, before Thanksgiving.

Take them, have them, use them.

There will be some wee!chester icons to go with my fic, along with some very important artwork, which is why I can't get it posted until Friday.

I successfully drew some art like an eight year old Dean might, because my art skills are right up there with an eight year old.

However, I tried to draw one of those My-Hand-is-a-Turkey picture for a four year old Sammy...and there was a problem. Both that my hand is too big for a four year old - (but not by much) - and that my art skills actually surpass a four year old. I can't actually dumb it down enough to look like Sammy drew it. But fear not, I shall corner The Nephew on Thursday and have him do it for me.

So expect fic art done by the world-famous Nephew. And also fic.

And maybe tomorrow I'll post my Dean/Cas story, just because.

Enjoy icons and an early HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!