January 7th, 2011


What I Did On My Christmas Vacation by dodger_sister

Hi. Look, I am making a post! And not just to say, "Happy whatever-holiday," and then run away again. Go me! I am also caught up on my Flist at last. Go me!

So, in my last post, I dared you all to guess what I got for Christmas.

My favorite response was from vikingprincess, who guessed that I got a miniature, housebroken, circus-trained opossum. I did not - however, this is totally what I am asking for on my birthday.

blue_fjords suggested that I had gotten socks - which NO! For the first time in nearly twenty years, I did NOT get socks. Weird. I did get my obligatory chapstick though, so...whew.

I also got...Collapse )

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Also, every year I get the most gaudy pink ornament my sister can find. I have a sparkly pink ice skate, a set of pink block letters that reads "Diva" and a big fat pink ice skating elephant, among others.

This year I got a ridiculous pink My Little Pony ornament.

And some of the newly released Fallen Angel ornaments from this exclusive set, here. I got the Castiel-Angel and the limited edition Angel-Angel. Go see.

There is one more thing - but you all have to wait for that. It requires its own post. Soon, liptonrm, soon, I promise.

Hmmm, this was less about what I did on my Christmas vacation and more about what I got for Christmas, but, whatever...I'm keeping my post header.

Awesome. Cool. Movie.

So, we just watched the best movie ever.

And by best, I mean I shit my pants.

Number of times I seriously considered throwing up during this movie = 5.

Not because it was gruesome and bloody per-say, but mostly because my stomach was so twisted into knots with anxiety.

Oh. Right. "What movie?" you ask.

Frozen. Collapse )

Also, we watched it through our Streaming Live of Netflix through the Tivo!!! Oh my, Tivo, I love you. I also spent two hours loading our Season Pass Manager and our wish list - (I added Mark Salling, in case he ever, idk, goes on Jimmy Fallon and sings and plays the guitar with Jimmy, who is a huge Glee dork btw. I mean, if I were Glee PR, I would totally do that...so it could happen.)

In other news, I am having an icon dilemma.

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In Sum: The cable guy asked me today if my sister's cat "Pippin" was named after Scottie Pippen. I said, "Um, no, like Pippin from the Lord of the Rings" and he burst out laughing and said, "Oh my god, you should see your face. You're all like, no, who the hell is Scottie Pippen?"

In Sum #2: Jensen would make an adorable frog.

Edited - so that I'm perfectly clear: Frozen is a gruesome, bloody movie, but that's not why I found it so terrifying. Just FYI though, don't eat during it.