January 9th, 2011


Shout-Outs - Birthday!...and Beta?

First - Last week was fromageordeath's birthday. I haven't seen her around in awhile, but I still wanted to say Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing well and that you aren't freezing your ass off. :) Here, have a picture of Misha, in which I can only assume he is auditioning for the role in a Starsky & Hutch remake - or possibly CSI: Vancouver - whichever.

Second - Anybody up for like the quickest beta of your life? I wrote J2. Wot, wot! Anyway, I wrote half of it - went away and wrote something with a completely different tone to it - and then came back three weeks later and wrote the last half of the J2. So what I really need more than anything is for someone to make sure that the voice of the story didn't drastically change in the middle of it. It's 2,900 words. Anybody?

Thirdly - I guess I am going to majorly overhaul my icons. menel is right - I shall suck it up. So, FYI, if all of my icons suddenly turn into a little girl running through a field - you'll know why. Also, if you get those notifications in your inbox about icons - yeah, sorry, you're gonna get spammed. You can also suck it up. EVERYTHING MUST BE IN ITS PROPER PLACE!!!

In Sum: It's nice to turn off your DVD player and switch over your TV - and suddenly Christian Kane is staring at you and smiling. Yes, is it. Though why in God's name he was in that movie "Just Married" or why it even got made in the first place, is beyond me.