January 18th, 2011


TV 2011

Firstly, who is watching "Southland?" I am so excited that this show is back. And it is as awesome as it ever was. Doesn't Ryan Ben look good in his uniform? And Bull John too. And Chickie. Yes, I like the uniforms. And Lydia rules. We sat down to watch the season premiere and my sister says, "They got Regina King back this year, right? I don't want to watch it if she's not in it anymore." And she was totally serious. I thought that I had a big old crush on the woman (cuz I do), but my sister's crush is way worse. She thinks Lydia is more kick-ass than Zoe. That's hardcore. Also, TOM EVERETT SCOTT, you peoples! The amount of excited I am that he is back cannot be quantified with words. I know NBC didn't want him, but I am so glad that he is TNT's boy (oh they love him over there). I hope they find some more to do with his character because I love him with big hearts. Oh, and omg the thing that happened to Sammy's character in the last episode, good lord.

"Justified" is back on Feb 9th! Whoo-hoo - Kill-tucky!

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SyFy's new "Being Human" premiered last night and I Tivo-ed it and am going to give it a shot and see how I like it.

That is all.