March 5th, 2011

lord of the rings

My Saturday Night Is Lame - Help!

I am so lame on a Saturday night. I wanted to do an art project but the universe internet is conspiring against me.

Does anybody have a picture of Eomer on a horse? I looked, but I was given three options:

1) Where he is surrounded by Riders and I can't cut just him out of the picture.
2) The only part of the horse visible is the head.
3) I actually got a shot of just Eomer and his horse, but it was action!figure!Eomer, so...that didn't work either.

I thought I would do something creative out in the living room with my Glee music and/or Bones marathon on - since I have the house to myself. It seems like a waste to have free range of the whole house and not have to be quiet because The Sister goes to bed at 9pm - (well, she gets up at 5am, so I don't blame her). It also seems like a waste not to take my pants off, or my shirt - (I say 'pants' but I prefer to remove my shirt when I'm home alone. I don't know why).

But it's cold, so I am fully clothed.

And apparently I am not as artistic as I think I am - all the horses I have tried so far look like Doberman Pinschers. And so now, I'm here at 7:30pm and I am seriously thinking about just going to my room and getting on the internet.

This is a sad state of affairs, you guys. How lame am I? It's Saturday night, I got the place to myself.

I am going to read my Flist while Bones runs on my TV.

That's what I do every night! Dammit. I am so lame.

Okay, about you also send me any of your favorite Lord of the Rings "fellowship" or "brotherhood" type pictures that evoke bonding and friendship. Supernatural peeps, how about your favorite Dean and Sam being Brothers! picture, with or without The Impala, your choice - (I would like The Impala, but I don't know if I have the talent for that. My confidence is clearly shot today).

Or Chuck typing - that would also be cool to hang on the wall over my computer while I am writing.

Please. Thank you.

I will go eat dinner now.

Feel free to give me some good shots, even if it isn't Saturday night when you read this. I've been wanting to do an art project for awhile, so I can always work on it later this week.

That is all.

Fic: Dinner Plans (or 5 Jobs Jared and Jensen Never Had) - PG-13, Jared/Jensen, 5x, AU, Romance

It's The Cousin's Birthday! She's sixteen today - SIXTEEN, you guys! I don't even know how that happened. Hopefully this thing called a driver's license will mean we get to see more of her. I honestly can't believe what a tremendous person she is and how much better my life is for having her in the family.

I wrote her a fic for Christmas and printed it out for her, but never posted it here. So I guess today is a good day to share it with all of you. I figured, I've written her some humorous SPN fic and some John angst and that 'Dean writes Glee fanfic' story - now it's time for some J2! Her first J2! This is not the first J2 I have ever written, but it is the first I have ever posted - so off to make a Jared/Jensen tag - yay! (I know, I'm a little behind on this fad).

Dinner Plans - 5 jobs Jared & Jensen never had, 1 job they do have, 6 times Jared asked Jensen to dinner - with some awesome guest cameos - and occasionally the boys in uniforms. 5x, AU, Romance, PG-13 and 3,798 words.

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