March 18th, 2011


St Patrick's Day and A Birthday!

About three hours late...but still -

First, I hope you all had an amazing St Patrick's Day - if you celebrate it. I went to lunch with my mom today. I thought I would wear my new red stripey shirt - but then I remembered it was St Patrick's Day and my mom is really proud of our drunken Irish Catholic heritage, so I wore my green Hurley shirt instead. Then she told me that she would have made me change my shirt if I had worn red, because at the Catholic school she went to as a kid, all the Irish kids would wear green and all the other kids wore red in protest. It was like their own little color wars. I'm sure they threw down over by the monkey bars. ;)

Sadly, I did not actually get drunk - but look at ZEKE'S HAIR!

Also, it is ranua's birthday. You know how on LJ you friend someone for one thing - (or they friend you because your face accidentally explodes all over your LJ page about your new Kane album and they think to themselves, "Hey, I like Kane and/or other music she has mentioned and she is amusing when she explodes like that.") - and then you think, "Well we both like Kane and Carlson - oh wait look at that music she just said, and that music and hey I love that movie and that tv show and OMG comic books and..." and then she mentions something about kickboxing and you shout LLOYD DOBBLER IS A KICKBOXER at her and she UNDERSTANDS you, well...if you ever had that happen to you on LJ, then you are a very lucky person.

ranua, I went looking for a rocking birthday song for you per our musical tastes, but I accidently typed in the words "Say Anything" instead. Happy Birthday - here, have a "Say Anything" music video - I can't believe I found one!

Because his face! And kickboxing! And Fishbone tshirt! <--well, that one was for me.

True Story: Fishbone was the first band I ever listened to of my own choice, without an outside influence of my mom or sister or brother. I did have the outside influence of Lloyd, but whatever. The first year my big bro was living in NY, for my birthday, he went to every rock tshirt shop in The Village until he found the exact same Fishbone tshirt that Lloyd wears during all of his most emotional scenes in "Say Anything". I wore it for about four years, before it got all stained and shit. I still have it, in the bottom of my drawer. Even though I don't wear it, I couldn't bear to throw it out. I don't usually keep ruined clothes, but the first band of my heart and the first love of my life.

Out for the weekend, y'all!