April 25th, 2011

holiday 2

Don't Steal Gandalf's Easter Eggs! (or happy easter, peoples!)

Have many things to say. Just got ridiculously tired all of a sudden. Will have to say things tomorrow. Going to crawl into bed and watch the extended edition of Independence Day - (no, no, peoples who know me and my comfort movies - it wasn't a bad day, just a long one with lots of family and getting up ridiculously early - plus someone on my Flist just said "Adam Baldwin in his uniform, you guys!" and I thought, "Mmmmmmmm," and now I must watch it. When I'm less tired, I shall tell you the long and sordid love affair of me and Adam Baldwin, starting at an age not at all acceptable).

But here - look at this Easter Card I made way back whenever.

Hope your weekends/Easter were all excellent and sunshiney!!