May 23rd, 2011


I May Have Been Cuter Then.

Yes, it is my birthday today! (I've gotten some lovely messages today from all of you, which I will respond to tomorrow, but it occurs to me that I should put up a post or something).

On Saturday we had to go visit my dad, so I managed to get some coney dogs out of my sister, from the ice cream place down the street from my childhood home. Arguably the best coney dogs ever. And my dad was in a pretty good mood, so that was good.

Yesterday we watched "Hotel Rwanda". I rec you all watch this movie - you need too. But be prepared, I couldn't stop crying. At one point I opened my mouth to say I wanted to turn it off, but I managed to brave through it. Remarkable story. I am interested in the commentary, which has the actual dude on it with the director and stuff. My husband, Joaquin, was in it a very little bit, but he looked really good. Apparently, I like the beard. The moment when he was getting on the bus - lord, break my heart.

Neither of those were really birthday things but I just wanted to share.

Then today The BFF - (it's also her birthday, how awesome is that?! Seriously.) - and I went to see "Pirates 4". I guess I'll spoiler cut even though I have only thirteen words for you. Collapse )

Then my mom came over with my favorite chocolate cake. Delicious. I will vent about how she is crazy later - this is not the time. We mustn't despair. Not on Rex Manning Day.

So, will most likely never see me post a pic of my grown-up self, probably, but let me share with you now...this pic of me as a baby.

Collapse )

Lastly, I take pride in being a bit hobbity. Also, my first online fandom was "Lord of the Rings". Today being my 33rd birthday, as you well know, means that in Hobbit years, I have finally come of age. That's right - it is my Coming of Age today. Also, as is Hobbit tradition, I am required to give presents to all of you on my own birthday.

So, later, after I chill out for a bit - there shall be fic. I managed to work "Supernatural" and "Lord of the Rings" into a fic together - but not as a crossover. ;)

So come back for that later.