June 3rd, 2011


Nephew!!! And I Fangirled Dean/Cas In A Public Place.

I swear, if I posted more than once a week, I would be able to tell you all the things that have been going on with me - movies I watched and games I played and crazy family stories and how the tornado sirens went off for the first time this year and about my grandpa.

But clearly, I am just going to skip all of those things. And skip right to...


His name is Tyler and he was born late Saturday night. He is doing good, as is his mom - (this is my brother and his French Canadian wife, not the little brother who lives here in MI). Anyhoo, they have already informed us that we are not allowed to call him "Ty", which whatever, get over it cuz I'm gonna. Tyler was jaundice for a few days, which is not unusual for babies, but they didn't send him home until yesterday. So last night we got on the webcam thingy and got to see him, though mostly we spent the time talking to my niece. She is 18 months old and apparently unsure about the baby. When they picked her up from her grandparents on their way home from the hospital, they put her in the seat next to Tyler and she pointed at the baby and started screaming hysterically - ALL THE WAY HOME. She seemed settled by the time I talked to her though.

Welcome to the World, Tyler.

Now onto my today...

I started my physical therapy back up today. Mostly for upper body strengthening, but also because I have been having some clenching on the inside edge of my hip - muscle or joint, I was unsure. For a refresher and those new to the class - Kevin was my physical therapist when I was 13 until I was 19, and I started seeing him again last year. So, he knew me when I was a foul-mouthed little punk-ass kid who liked fire and swearing and smoking and..you get the idea.

Here is this conversation I had at therapy today...Collapse )

Anyways, my hip didn't hurt at all this morning, but now due to the hour and a half of poking and prodding at therapy, it hurts like a motherfucker. We did discover that at least some of it is muscle though. Since he pushed on the muscle and my whole leg jerked and tried to kick him in the face (that's what he gets for laughing about Dean and Cas!). That it is a muscle is actually a good thing, because it means therapy will help.

But now I hurt and am tired and must go to bed because TOMORROW I GO SEE "X.0" - or "X-Men: First Class", as it is actually called. Whatever, I like my name better.

That is all.