June 9th, 2011

happy birthday

Blow Out The Candles!

I have so many things to say to ya'll, it's ridiculous. I may have been using all my spare time to catch up on "So You Think You Can Dance". I love when the dancer is so good that the judges don't get a chance to say anything before the crowd starts chanting, "Vegas! Vegas!" It makes me happy. Anyways...hopefully I'll get around to blahblahing at you all soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ceitfianna - a few hours late, but I hope it was a great one, darling, and that you found something awesome to do for the day! <3

Now I am off to bed.
brotherhood of mutants

Charles/Erik Shippers - Run To Your Theater Now!

Well, it only took me a week to put up this post. Okay, X.0 - or X-Men: First Class, if you will.

This movie is an Epic Romance! I was never a big Charles/Erik shipper before the movies, even though I could totally see the attraction to the pairing. But then the movies and the oozing chemistry of Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart and I was all, "Homg, is there a couple slashier than Logan/Scott? Yes, I think there is. Hello, Charles/Erik!"

First Class? Yeah. Now I will talk about Charles/Erik and quote that one line that Erik said to Charles, and I will also talk about a few non-plot related character things - so wolfrider89 and other people who want to be surprised by which mutants show up in the movie, DON'T LOOK BELOW THE CUT! M'kay?

Collapse )

Hmmm, a lot of that was about how hot everyone was. /shrugs/ Also, apparently I spend too much time at the kink_memes, because the porn that kept randomly popping into my head between Charles and Erik while watching this movie - I was actually paying attention to the movie, I swear - I just also had porn in my head.

You know what I want?

I want an X-Men kink_meme based solely on them having to use their powers during sex. Idk how this would work for say, Wolverine (claws - blood kink anyone?) - but Xavier, Magneto, Jean, Iceman - well, I have ideas for a whole lot of them.

I also want to be a female stripper with wings.

Tomorrow I go see "Super 8"!!!! I am excite. (my sister is being very cool about paying for things and letting me pay her back after my trip at the end of the month - gotta love my sister).