June 10th, 2011


Fighting All Who Rob Or Plunder.

A few things this evening night.

a) The LJ IP logging thing - for the record, I turned mine off. I know nothing about computers, at first I didn't understand what everyone was on about - so I tried searching my own and it gave an exact town. Boo that. I mean, I'm vocal about being from Michigan, but not what town I live in. Just add to my paranoia about how everyone is watching us all the time, LiveJournal - good job. Anyways, I had just left all my default settings from when my journal was set-up, so this was on before, meaning IPs are still there on the older posts, but I turned it off now. I guess we all just have to trust that we aren't creepy stalking each other.

b) Ya'll have to stop talking about Jared's Twitter so much - solely because I dreamed for hours one night about reading Stevie Nicks' Twitter. I think a combo of all the twitter talk lately and something we were watching on TV about Fleetwood Mac. It was a weird dream. I was very engrossed in whatever Stevie had to say.

c) I also dreamed that I was reading a magazine article where they very seriously listed the top ten bad-ass heroes of movies and tv. I don't remember the full list, but here is what I do remember...

1. ?
2. ?
3. Zeke Tyler (Josh Hartnett's character from "The Faculty")
4. Underdog
5. Batman
6. Castiel

I don't remember the rest. I was so excited about Zeke, you guys, seriously, while I was dreaming, I was squeeing. But then I was all, "Yeah, okay, Underdog more badass than Batman, maybe - but CASTIEL IS #6, WHAT? Idek, you guys.

Here is the Underdog theme song, for those of you that are currently like, "Hahaha whoo-hoo Underdog!" I know I was, as well as all like, "Let's watch Zeke drive the GTO into a school bus!" Collapse )

d) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO blue_fjords! A little belated, but I just wanted to say I hope it was awesome and filled with good things. I would give you a mini-picspam, but you just saw the SPN peeps live in-person and nothing else can really top that, right? But still...Collapse )

e) I know I used letters on my list instead of numbers, but it is still bad luck to end on an even number. I really have nothing else to say except, if you are flipping the stations at night, and you come across an infomercial where an older lady is sitting with a male doctor and she says, "But, hang on a minute, Doc - what is a prostate and why do men have them?"...it's okay if you make this face --> 8@ and then fall off the bed.