July 17th, 2011

misha collins



Remember how I put up the pics of my tattoo and was all talking about my friend tringic, who took the design and made it perfect for me, because she is Made of Awesome and an amazing artist? Remember that?

Well...she also made me M2 ART!! Because apparently the one year anniversary is the paper anniversary, while the 1 & 1/2 year anniversary is the MICHAEL/MISHA anniversary!!!

They're celebrating naked in bed! I'm just gonna pretend that's my bed, okay? Cool. Things I want to lick in this picture include, but are not limited to, Michael's lips and Misha's clavicle.

"And Keeping Quiet" by tringic

Click here to see a bigger version and to comment to the artist.

In Other News, I saw the final /sobchoke/ Harry Potter...Collapse )

What did you all think of the movie?