August 11th, 2011


Why Won't They Just Take Off Their Pants?!

I have been in a bit of a rut when it comes to writing. I have all of these half-finished plotty fics on my computer and I can't seem to get anywhere with them. So, I thought, "You know what might break me out of this rut? Porn. Maybe I just need to write some good old-fashioned porn. A little PWP with no substance whatsoever. Porning was always my thing back in the day and I haven’t written hardly any porn at all this year." So, I decided to just write me some porn. How many times did I just use the word 'porn' in that paragraph?

I had a pretty easy set-up in mind. Quick intro of Guy A. Guy A walks into room where Guy B already is. Short flirty banter. Unzip pants. Whip them out.

Simple, yes?

I figured the set-up should take 400 words at most and then the porning shall commence. Easy.

715 words in...and everyone still has their pants on. Guy A hasn’t even gone into the room yet. Guy B hasn’t even made an appearance.

Jared and Jensen - (whom the story is not about) - seem to be taking over the whole damn thing. Jensen was only suppose to be there long enough for me to bounce Guy A’s personality off of him and Jared was suppose to be a vague mention at the most. Now they are awkwardly flirting with each other, while Guy A is stuck standing there.

What the hell? WHY WON’T THEY JUST TAKE OFF THEIR PANTS?!?! Why can’t I write porn anymore, you guys?