August 25th, 2011

dean winchester

Fic: 5x Dean Winchester Got Shot Down In Outer Space - SPN/Multi, 5X, Crossover, Gen, Humor, PG-13

This is not the porn you're looking for. I'm still working on it. The Garage Sale Of Doom has descended, so I got a little stopped up - but in the meantime, it had been awhile since I put up fic, so here's something I wrote a few years ago, when I first started writing SPN fic. Enjoy!

Inspired by liptonrm and baylorsr's many hours of rambling about the Supernatural peeps onboard Serenity. It's a 5X fic and each section is Supernatural crossed over with a different fandom - Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Reboot, Star Wars, Firefly & Galaxy Quest with a little Firefly reprise at the end. A little bit of het implicated because it's Dean after all, but all in all this a General-Humor-Dean-fic. Rated PG-13 and 2,735 words.

Summary: Dean likes women. He’s just not having any luck getting them to notice him these days. Also, they are in space.

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