September 27th, 2011

hawaii five-o

Riddle Me This!

First, for those of you wondering - Papa Bear is home and doing a little better. They redrew his labs and his kidney levels are just below normal, which is better than they were. On the downside, he is still pathetically clingy to me and does not want to interact with the other cats. On the upside, for awhile if you put food right in front of his face, he wouldn't even look at it - and now he is coming and telling me when he wants to eat! They are going to give him once-a-week injections which we can do at home starting next week and we will just take it one week at a time. He is improving, now he just has to keep improving. But he and I feel much better. Thank you for all your good wishes.

On the writing front, I was working on a birthday fic for wolfrider89 and I got kind of stalled out when my cat got sick. Which is a shame since it was just flowing out of me like madness. But I plan on jumping back on that one this week. I wanted to post it before the end of the month, but that's a no-go, so I need to post something. It's almost the end of the month and I have only posted one story so far. Lame. I'm going to pull something from my Finished Folder, but I can't decide what. Anything in particular you guys want to see?

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What should I post next?

SPN dark!fic
Dean and his BFF fic
Firefly Fic
The West Wing Fic

I need to make a full-on post about all of my returning shows - (all four of my network regular season shows came back last week) - but in the meantime...WTF WAS THAT H50? The very end of last night's episode...WHAT THE HELL and shit. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

That is all.