September 30th, 2011


Fic: The Leaf And The Wind - Firefly, PG-13, Jayne, Wash/Zoe, Angst, Drabble, Romance

The masses have spoken - Firefly fic it is! (Dean and his BFF came so close though). According to my author notes, I hadn't written fic in a year and a half when I wrote this. Guess Firefly kickstarted my muses. That also means this is my first Firefly fanfic I ever wrote. You will not be shocked to discover that all three of my Firefly fics are Jayne POVs. Is anyone surprised by this? Anyone? No? Thought not. The title is unoriginal, but whatever, it aptly describes them.

This one was written in 2005/2006 (I am not even sure at this point) for the lovely liptonrm, who was in denial about thethingthatneverhappened and beta'd by the awesome oselle. Jayne's observations on Wash & Zoe's relationship. PG-13. A little minor angst for Jayne, obvious romance for Wash/Zoe. 414 words.

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