October 30th, 2011

the daily show

Fic: Where The Sidewalk Ends - Comedy Central RPF, PG-13, Angst, Drama, Gen, Jon & Stephen

I wrote Halloween fic! Well, it's about the zombie apocalypse - that counts as Halloween fic, right? It's Comedy Central RPF. Idek, you peoples. I have now written more Comedy Central RPS than I have "Ed" fic. More than I have "Glee" fic. As much as I have "Harry Potter" fic. As much as I have "Kyle XY" fic. It's becoming like a real fandom for me or something.

Totally wrote this for my sister, because we have a pact that the second we hear Jon say the word "zombie", we are headed for the hills. Beta'd by the incomparable liptonrm.

Rated PG-13 for Apocalyptic Death Themes. With Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and a little Aasif and Riggle. Angst, Drama, Gen, Altered Reailty (zombie apocalypse). 672 words. Jon can’t believe he aired his last show. He can’t believe those were his last words. He can’t believe he is in a bunker during the freaking zombie apocalypse.

Happy Halloween to my Flist! Have some brains!

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