November 29th, 2011


Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed In Public by Dodger_Sister

It is sleeting out. I came out of physical therapy and it was sleeting. By the time I got in the car, I had ice chunks in my hair. Serious.

Anyways, I am back at physical therapy now. Last week I had my first appointment and the following conversation...Collapse )

I can't remember the last time I had a normal conversation with someone.

At today's appointment, Kevin and I talked about porn. No, really. I actually said the words, "a street gang of porn stealers". Idek. He started it.

I bet for a second there, he actually thought he missed me. And then I talked about werewolf/vampire mpreg.

ETA: Kevin just showed up at my door. I left my Nintendo DS and my IPod at the clinic so he came by the house to return them. I didn't answer the door because I was in my room playing my music too loud and I didn't hear the door knock. So he calls on the phone and is all, "Hey, don't you answer your door when people knock? It's freezing out here." Like he thinks he might freeze off important body parts or something.