December 15th, 2011

holiday 4

This Little Green One Here Seems To Need A Home.

I can't believe I don't have a holiday icon from "A Charlie Brown's Christmas". I do now! Thanks, matchboximpala!!! mom came over and made a fuss about the Christmas tree. She asked about a bunch of different ornaments and I realized that almost all the ornaments have a story behind them - not usually anything big, just sometimes, "Oh, that was a gift from so-and-so," but it's nice. Quite a few of them we have had since childhood even.

Then The Nephew was here - (we finally did our stocking shopping, spent a ridiculous amount on the cats but because we did my sister's stuff at the dollar store, we managed to stay in my budget!) - and he goes, "Hey, you have a pink dinosaur on your tree! Do you have a Mickey Mouse?" and we spent some time looking at the ornaments together. He was going through each one, "You have an elephant and a snowman and a..." and then he kind of stopped because he didn't know what to make of the paper-angel with Castiel’s face on it. (don't worry, I'll put it under the cut for you to see).

Then ceitfianna was here and she pointed out my My Little Pony ornament, which I love.

My sister is happy. People noticed her tree at last. I was saying at therapy how no one noticed her tree and then suddenly, from all the way across the clinic, I hear Kevin yelling, “I did! I noticed it! It was lovely. Tell your sister it was lovely!”.

In light of this, let me share with you some pictures of my tree and perhaps a few of some of my more ridiculous ornaments.

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Come on, you know you want to upload a picture of your most ridiculous holiday ornament!!!

Family party this weekend and I have to finish The Nephew's Christmas present. Have a good weekend!