January 8th, 2012


Not Quite So Far.

Ugh. Well, Friday night I went to the ER with chest pains. Everything checked out fine. It was possibly a muscle but it didn't feel like that to me. I keep having soreness on my left side, ever since I got sick, but they've run a ton of heart tests, x-rays, lab work, mammogram. Everything has been fine. This pain was a little different than that though, and it's not something to mess around with so I went in. I was pretty exhausted all weekend after that, but I'm guessing that is due to stress.

I go see my specialist on Wednesday and she's the only person who hasn't weighed in yet, so maybe she'll have a suggestion. Once again, I'd been feeling really good until this new thing happened. I was strongly wondering if I had Mono, but where the hell would I have gotten Mono? I'm not attending secret orgies, despite what people think.

Two weird things happened at the ER. The woman in line in front of us turned to me and said, "Are you *insert first name here*?" I said, "Yes, I am and I am also creeped out right now." She didn't seem to understand why some stranger knowing me by name would be creepy to me. In general, people say things like, "Are you *insert mother's name here*'s daughter?" or "Are you a *insert last name here*"?, in which case I know they are either from my parents hometown or the town I grew up in. But this person knew me by name and she was too old to have gone to school with me and I didn't recognize her at all. And we were in the ER of all places.

Turns out, she goes to church with The BFF's parents and I met her at a Christmas concert a few years ago. I met her once and she knew me by sight alone. I know I am very recognizable but damn, woman.

I also ran into the father of an old friend, which I kind of expected since I knew he was a nurse there. Ages 18 to 20, me and this guy were pretty inseparable. He had this great family, I practically lived at their house. They knew that I was living off Spaghetti-Os, so his mom was always saying, "Stay for dinner. I made way too much for us to eat." Eventually, my friend got into the really heavy hard drugs and did some time for possession and we drifted apart. Last I had heard about him, he was homeless. But his dad was telling me I should hook up with him on Facebook and that he has a kid now and everything. Now I know any Jo-Smo can make a Facebook and a kid, but still, that is definitely a step up from where he was and I am so happy to hear it. I gave his dad my email and said my friend could get in touch with me that way if he wants.

His dad had to give me the EKG, which means attaching stickies to my chest and he was all, "Is it okay or should I get someone else?" I refrained from saying, "You know you were the hot-dad, right? All the girls had a crush on you." It seemed like an inappropriate time for that.

That is all. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post fic.