January 22nd, 2012


These Are My People. Here's My Patch.

I was just flipping back and forth between two TV shows - one was an SVU episode where the perp was played by Michael Trucco (you know him as Anders on BSG) and A Cinderella Story on ABC Family. This is a weird enough combination as is, but Trucco also played the uncle of Chad Michael Murray’s character on One Tree Hill - so the combo of watching him on SVU and then flipping to a movie starring Chad…look, if I had been stoned, I would have thought I was watching a really messed up episode of One Tree Hill, okay?

Anyways, I saw my grandpa today.

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In final news, Tivo has recorded another bad SyFy movie starring Jason London for me, this one is called “Snow Beast”. It also has John Schneider. So that’s on for this week sometime in my viewing schedule. I know, I have a sickness, I can't stop watching bad SyFy movies.