January 25th, 2012


Shapes Of Things To Come.

Some therapy stories, which are really just snippets of conversations, but I’ll try to segue a little bit for you.

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And now Kevin and I have had our last therapy session together. He is off for a few weeks and then he is opening a new clinic, like 45 minutes away from where I live, so there is no way I am making that trek. Also, suckage, once the clinic gets up and running in a few months, he is taking Cherie with him. He better not take Cute Guy too or there will be some ass-kicking.

But not to worry, I'm sure I'll still have stories to share. When I came back into his life, after ten years or so of being gone, he pulled me aside one day and said, "Listen, no more disappearing on me, okay? Promise me it's not going to be another decade like that ever again." When he told me he was leaving for the other clinic, I made him promise the same thing.

And I still have to continue on at therapy (am currently waiting for a new script) and after much debate and slight possessiveness, Kevin finally picked who he wants me to work with when I come back. We’ll see how that goes.