January 28th, 2012


Why Fanboys Will Rule The World.

So, here is an awesome story about why The Nephew is so awesome. And why fanboys own my heart.

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So…I wrote him his first fanfic ever based off his idea about Jean and Xavier vs. Magneto. I even got The BFF to make fic art for it, so it had a cover for him to see when he opened it up.

My little fanboy and his first fanfic prompt. I’m still all hearts just thinking about it. Now I think it may be time to help him write his first very own fanfic. Don’t you think?

Also, the other day we were on the phone and I was asking him how to beat Bowser on Super Mario Party 8 (in the Super Star level) and after he explained it to me and I said, "I tried that but I die before I can get him enough times," - The Nephew says in his serious Little Man voice, "Listen, you just have to keep practicing and try your best, okay?" <3