January 29th, 2012

brotherhood of mutants

Fic: Inside, Outside, Of My Head - X-Men, PG, Action, Drama, Gen, Xavier, Logan, Jean, Magneto +

So this is the story I wrote for The Nephew, based off his first fanfic prompt ever! It was a challenge because I was trying to write an actual fanfic as well as something suitable for a five year. I couldn't get Charles and Erik's voices to come across in a way that The Nephew could relate to. And then I realized that was the problem - I was thinking of them as Charles and Erik and The Nephew knows them as Professor X and Magneto. The first thing I did was stop reading X-Men: First Class fanfic for the time frame in which I was working on this story and tried to capture something similar to the early 90's cartoon voices.

The idea for this story came from The Nephew's awesome cool mind and both Jean and Wolverine's methods of 'takedown'...totally his idea. Thanks to baylorsr for the beta and a million thanks to liptonrm for the art.

Not set in any specific universe, as I just wanted to use various characters The Nephew knows and loves. Rated PG, Altered-Reality, Action, Drama, Gen with Xavier, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Magneto, Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro & Nightcrawler and some Mild Violence and Bank Robbing. 1,743 words.

Summary: Magneto is at it again and Xavier must stop him, but as always that pesky helmet is in the way.

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Night Of The Living Bread.

The other day lizibabes and I had a long back-and-forth about bad horror vs good horror - (I learned that "Return of the Living Dead", my all-time fav cult classic horror film, has two sequels. Count 'em, two. I'm not sure how I feel about that) - and natural disaster movies and all our comfort flicks.

Then we talked for a second about the original "Night of the Living Dead" and how it was way ahead of its time. And I got to remembering this short parody film I saw years ago. In high school, my little brother's bff was really into horror films - (he always did the makeup for our homemade horror movies we used to make). Anyways, he got his hands on the boxed set special edition VHS - (yes, it was long enough ago that it was still a VHS tape) - of "Night of the Living Dead". It had this short film on it called "Night of the Living Bread". He was particularly excited about it because it was filmed on the same college campus where his mom went to college and she remembered it being filmed.

So I went and tracked it down on youtube for your pleasure. And if you still haven't ever seen the original "Night of the Living Dead...well, you should, but this parody will still be funny regardless.

I give you "Night Of The Living Bread"!

And in addition...HAPPY BIRTHDAY lizibabes. I hope it was a wickedly awesome day, darling!