January 30th, 2012


Beta Cry!

Writing has been going extremely well this month. I will make a post in a few days with my word count. Right now I am in need of a beta (or betas). For various reasons, each of these fics has me questioning certain sections - probably a lot of that has to do with how fast I have turned them out.

menel's birthday is tomorrow and I wrote her two fics - (I had two ideas and I couldn't decide which one to write, so I wrote them both). I am undecided on which one I am actually going to give her for her birthday but I would like them both looked over. I'm going to put the details under a cut, in case somehow menel sees this post in the next 24 hours. In fact, I'm going to put all the story details - three SPN and one Firefly fic - under the cut.

Collapse )

Any takers? You can pick just one, you don't have to offer on all four. You would be rewarded with love and affection - you can't put a monetary value on love and affection. Also, there would be much thanking on my part.

To make this post more interesting for you...here is a picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking particularly sexy.

That's good stuff, right?