February 4th, 2012


Ficage In January.

January was a really good month for me for writing. I made myself a very simple goal at the beginning of the year - 500 words a week. It’s not much but it’s way more than I managed towards the end of last year. My big problem is just getting myself to sit down to write - (once on the computer, I usually get distracted by shiny things). I figured if I just made myself start writing, odds are I would get a good flow going.

And it seems to have worked.

The big thing I did this month was write two Firefly fics. It’s been a couple of years since I wrote any Firefly. I thought I might have a problem slipping back into Firefly-speak but it was like riding a bike, I just picked it right back up. You know how if you see a friend or family member again after an absence of a few years and in five minutes it is like no time has passed at all between you? Writing Firefly is like that - it’s like coming home for me.

I also wrote a pairing in SPN that I had never tried before, Dean/Gabriel, and a really dark Wincest fic that stretched my writing beyond my comfort zone, which is always fun and interesting.

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I think the next thing I post will probably be the Jayne/Mal Firefly fic. In the meantime, I haven't written anything since Sunday, so in order to make this week's word count, I have to hunker down today. Like, right now.