February 7th, 2012

that's my man

The Todd Time High-Five!

I want to talk about "Scrubs". More specifically, The Todd.

So, over the last several months, my household has been doing a rewatch of Scrubs. This is one of those shows that we have seen the majority of episodes through reruns...so like all out of order. So now we are watching them in order.

Now anyone who has spent anytime here at my journal is not the least bit surprised that The Todd is my man - (he is my type, after all). In fact, whenever he does anything especially Todd-like, I like to pump my fist in the air and declare, "That's my man," to which someone in the room usually responds, "Not something to be proud of." (Even though, of course, they all love him too).

The more we watch of Scrubs, the more like The Todd I seem to become (which is saying something, since I am already at least halfway there).

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Also, when I went looking for pics of The Todd, I found a series of images of him totally naked with a doctor's clipboard covering his "area". I'll say it again, that's my man.

That's My Man High-Five!

I am appalled at how few The Todd icons there are out there. I found like three and none of him giving a 'high-five'. However, a not-really-surprising number of places I looked at Scrubs icons, also had Jensen Ackles icons. Including some really pretty ones here,, if you want to take a look.

I keep having dreams about The Todd, but they are really in-depth dreams, with plots and everything - so I'll have to save those for a different day.